Climb Time Indy is dedicated to to providing the best that rock climbing has to offer. We are focused on maintaining a safe environment where climbers of all ability levels and ages can get better, learn more and above all else, have fun climbing. Climb Time offers a wide range of difficulty levels from very easy to moderate to extremely difficult, brought to you by some of the best route setters this side of the Mississippi. Routes are changed weekly in order to ensure there is always some thing new to challenge yourself with. Whether you are looking for powerful bouldering, sustained routes, or just a day out with the family, Climb Time Indy has what you are looking for. Come on by; we'd love for you to come climbing with us.

Steve Allen, Owner

Steve is an easy-going, upbeat, adventure racer. He has been involved with Climb Time Indy since July of 2000 and works hard to make sure it is a safe, fun environment for all ages to enjoy.

Chris Frayer, Owner

Favorite Climbing Area: Hueco Tanks, TX

Favorite Route: Infectious, (RRG, KY)

Favorite Boulder Problem: The Bagpiper, (Jackson Falls, IL)




Climb Time Indy
8750 Corporation Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana

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